SEPFOPE will Establish an Agriculture Training Center

Dili – The Secretary of State for professional training and employment policy have had already devised plan to open and establish a basic training for agriculture in Tibar.

“The Majority number of Timorese women who work in korea, are in the agriculture area due to its light duty work nature and the benefit gain through this area of employment is very impressive. ”said Ilídio Ximenes to Timor Post, Sáturday (2/3) at Beach Garden, Pantai Kelapa, Díli.

He further emphasized that, it’s not just men who owns the farm, but women also do owns the farm, and the environment condition presented is sometimes determine which road for them to undertake, they would have wanted to work in the agriculture area, and they have got the opportunity in the industry including fishery but they themselves do not want it.

Due to that reason, SEPFOPE is establishing this training in order to give opportunity to the people, but most of the application received, many chose agriculture. This year, SEPFOPE is planning to establish a basic training program to accommodate these needs, and for those who want to work overseas they have to come and undertake this basic training as the pre requisite requirement.

Apart from all these, the majority of those who work in Korea are sending some of their financial income to their family here in Timor Leste, to help assisting their family life because family serves as the base and the guidance for the economic development and through family we create the basic education which functions as the life foundation. TIMOR POST

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