SEPFOPE Will Establish a Training Center in Covalima District

According to the plan of the Secretary State of political for professional training and Employment policy (SEPFOPE), it will establish a training center in Covalima district to help capacitate those young Timorese one.

Due to this reason SEPFOPE is committed and will establish an inter-ministerial/secretariat coordination with the Ministry of Education, Agriculture, Tourism and Culture seeking their support.

Within the portfolio of the Ministry of petroleum, currently its preparing a concept plan for south coast oil and gas development program which will be called economical security. It also needs to be coordinated with Ministry of Agriculture and Tourism.

According to SEPFOPE National advisor, Sonio Sarmento da Silva, the plan is to construct a multi-integrated training center focus on polytechnic development at the Covalima District to incorporate maximum participation     of the Timorese people, that is why SEPFOPE will need to coordinate with the Ministry of Education.

SEPFOPE will focus on Level training certificate I to IV and the Ministry of Education will be responsible for Level V up to the diploma level. Both SEPFOPE and The Ministry of Education will align the delivery method of training based on its portfolio assignment.

The program are now still in the process of the identification stage so that it could deliver an efficient training program mechanism” Said National Advisor Sonio.

Now SEPFOPE is currently identifying both local and international training center which could help implement this oil and gas training program through partnership program and will invite those international standard body institution such as OPITO (Offshore Petroleum Industry Training organization) to oversee the industry standard needs.

According to the national advisor, OPITO is an organization who sets the standard for the oil and gas industry training program worldwide. Therefore SEPFOPE will invite them to come and identify those local training center which could be potentially provide the training during this transitional training program delivery.

Tibar training center, Dom Bosco Training center and SENAI have been identified as potential training center during this transitional training program delivery, Because the government have had set up a target of 2500 graduates trainee every year to accommodate local content participation on the south coast oil and gas project development.

To establish the training center in Covalima District, it has to come through a program contract agreement and in coordination with the Ministry of Petroleum, Ministry of Education and SEPFOPE. These entities will be acted as principal partnership entities for the skill development program at the specified oil and gas industry for program accreditation.

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