“CAREER OPPORTUNITY” Kaebauk Investimentus no Finansas, SA

Kaebauk Investimentus no Finansas, SA
Nain hosi Tuba Rai Metin


Kaebauk Investimentu no Finansa, SA (KIF) is a proposed entity of Tuba Rai Metin for its operations after ODTI permission. It is a Microfinance Organization that serves mainly Timorese women and small businesses and helping financial inclusion process much needed in the country.

Currently we are looking for a candidate for Board Executive Assistant (BEA) Position, with following Qualification and Experience:
a)     Bachelor degree in management, law, finance, administration or related area;
b)     At least 2 years of experience related to the role;
c)     High level communication and interpersonal skills;
d)     High level coordination and management skills;
e)     High level of personal and professional organization;
f)       Language skills in Tetun and English.

a)     assist the Board, the executive committee and the Board’s other committees in the conduct of their meetings;
b)     keep minutes of all meetings of the executive committee, Board, general assemblies and any committees;
c)     maintain the company’s records (including minute books, agendas, notices of meeting, proxies, filings with regulators, reports required by law and correspondence with external auditors);
d)     assist the Board in ensuring the company’s compliance with corporate and securities laws and regulations;
e)     assist the Board in developing and periodically reviewing the company’s corporate governance policies and practices;
f)      assist members of the Board and any committee in obtaining documents or information they request;
g)     organize induction trainings for newly elected members of the Board;
h)     act as a point of reference for directors at all times, to answer any questions, respond to requests, and ensure they have the knowledge and information they need to adequately discharge their duties;
i)      advise members of the Board and any committee on legal and corporate requirements;
j)      assist in establishing and maintaining clear communication among the various governing bodies of the company;
k)     ensure that all shareholder requests are properly processed by keeping records of all incoming shareholder requests;
l)      Ensure that all conflicts arising from shareholder rights violations are properly examined and resolved by the company;
m)      TRM will offer minimum Salary $ 400 USD and maximum $ 500 USD per-month (Depend on Qualification).

If interested, please submit your cover letter at the following address:

Avenida de Portugal, Praia dos Coqueiros, Aitarak Laran, Dili
Next to the China Embassy
or send via e-mail:
Any information require on TRM, please visit our website:

Cover Letter must be submitted with Cvs
 Vacancy closes April 15th, 2014
Only shortlisted applicants will be notified
Thank you for your attention.

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